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International Research Journal in Global Engineering and Sciences (IRJGES)


There are rare instances in which an article published in electronic format (i.e., part of the official record) must be withdrawn or retracted by IRJGES. To preserve the integrity of the record when such instances occur, the article as it had been originally published will be replaced with a statement explaining the situation and the original incorrect or retracted article will be retained and linked to that explanation. The only deviation from this policy will be if IRJGES is required as a result of legal action to cease distribution of an article. Such instances may occur if, for example, an article violated a copyright of another publisher.

To ensure that individual readers can follow the course of the article, a notation will be inserted on the original version indicating the date of withdrawal or retraction and, in most cases, a brief explanation.

If the withdrawn paper is superseded by a correct version, that full correct article will be used for full-text searching within the IRJGES system and will be provided to the appropriate indexing services for proper indexing. In the event that the retracted article is not replaced by another version of the paper, indexing services will receive sufficient information to mark the article as retracted in their databases. Any pointers from the concerned indexing services to the retracted article will be directed to the notification that the paper has been withdrawn or retracted rather than to the offending article itself.